Sunday, January 20, 2008

Country Wide Water Balloon Fight

The Warriors On Their Chariot!

This is going to hurt! Look at the expression on Ben's face!

Bolivia has a, in the words of my teens, really cool tradition. Some time later, I will tell you the pagen roots of it, but here is what happens. From the middle of January till the end of February, there is a country wide water balloon fight. Teenagers chunk balloons at cars and other teenagers. They even hire taxis to drive them up and down the street to throw waterballoons at pedestrians. This is such an accepted norm that there are people sitting on the corners of the streets at intersections selling full water balloons for a little less than one penny each.

Today I took the kids, all of them, water balloon chunking while Denise lay home sick. We only have one window that opens, so they were taking turns throwing. That is, until we drove down the strip. All of you know what the strip is. It is where all of the teenagers hangout. We drove down in our gringo-mobile, and hundreds of teens were pegging us with water balloons. It wasn't fair, with only one window to throw out of. So I went around the block. I put the teenagers on the roof of my truck after buying five more bags of balloons. We made two more trips up the strip, with them on top in a strategic location for 360 throwing. Unfortunately, it also make them the primary target. Without exaggeration, there were probably 200 people, from a kid that looked like a three year old, all the way to a man in his sixties, trying to knock the socks off of the teens on the roof. I went around the block again, only this time I plotted against my teens. I rolled up my window, and as soon as I turned onto the strip, I started honking my horn. This made sure that everyone on the street saw us....and saw the sitting ducks on the roof. It was like storming Omaha Beach.

We survived...but with many injuries. They were probably hit by 30 balloons. I had a great time just knowing that they were being pelted...I mean that they were having fun.