Friday, January 18, 2008

More Microscopic Insights

As a follow up to my advice from an amoeba…well, we have been in school learning all about them. Not the head type knowledge, but the head (think Navy) type knowledge. Denise had to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Denise has an amoeba, a parasite, and a bacterial infection. She is a delicatessen of disease at this moment.

I was praying for her, and thinking of all the damage that this little guys can cause, and I thought of James, where God says that the tongue, although it is little, can be extremely destructive. This started my mind wandering…

An amoeba is microscopic. You can’t even see it. Yet look at what it is doing to Denise. It has eliminated appetite, changed digestive patterns, and made her bed-ridden. How much bigger than the amoeba is Denise? This little thing has ‘changed’ a really big thing. Changed it for the worse, but changed it.

The bacteria is also microscopic. It is way smaller than Denise. Yet it has changed her body temperature, made her weary, and actually reversed her stomach muscles. This little bitty bug is making a big difference.

One thing that the Doctor has given us is ‘good bacteria’. We mix an envelope of stuff that taste like yeast into an ounce of water, then slam it down before you gag. The idea is that this bacteria will strengthen Denise and help her fight off the bad stuff.

Folks, how does an amoeba and a bacteria change something as big as a person? How can they reverse muscles, elevate temperature, cause weakness, and even force this big person to change locations? It shows the power of community. It isn’t one amoeba, or one bacteria. They multiply. They bond together. They form a little village, then a town, then a city. Then..they send out scouts to go to other places and start little villages…etc. They make such a huge difference, for the worse, by sticking together. If a bacteria working together in a mindless mass can do so much, then what can we do when we as Christians with the Mind of Christ come together in community? Maybe you think that one person can’t do much…but if that one person, you, influences someone else, and then the two of you are able to reach others, and so on, then what happens? You reach a neighbor, then a neighborhood, a block, a community, a town, a city, a county, a state, a nation, a world. Isn’t this what Jesus did? He called Andrew. Andrew got a couple of guys. Before long there were 12. We then read about 72. After the resurrection we see 120. On the day of Pentecost there were over 3000. Now look at the world. I am writing this from Bolivia because of what happened through the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the power of community taking that message out to the world.

It needs to be done again. The message of Christ hasn’t permeated all the world, or reached everyone. The message of Christ is still being carried into other places. I thought to myself…this is what I want to do in Bolivia, with your help. I want to be a spiritual bacteria, the good stuff in the envelope. I want to connect with pastors and church leaders, and as they know God better and love Him more, then they influence their church members who reach their neighbors. Through the power of community, you can I can spread the love of Jesus Christ through a sick and dehydrated world. A world that needs the Water of Life. Jesus said it this way. “He spoke another parable to them, ‘The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three pecks of flour until it was all leavened." (Mat 13:33) Lets change a world!!!


camcoria said...


We are praying for you guys, especially for God to heal your entire family.

Thanks for you and Denise keeping us updated.

Kathy ran into Seth at Target last week and said he is doing great.

In Christ,


MJ said...

Joe & Denise,

Norm and I are praying for good health. I know all to well what it is like to be a sick mom in thehospital. Prying for your kids too.


( Sandy Cove homeschooler)

Anonymous said...

Hello to the Holmans from the Cathcarts. Joe, I just read the story about you running into the bus. Imagine me in my living room in Missouri laughing out loud. Very funny. It reminded me of driving in Manhattan when we came to see you a few years ago. I am praying for your family this morning and specifically for Denise. We love you.


@ngie said...

Way to go taking a beating from the enemy and turning it around to weaken him. He ain't gettin' any glory for this one. Let's go change the world!

kathywilshire said...

Joe & Denise,
Please tell Denise I'm praying specifically for her today. How are you and the kids managing without her?
Kathy Wilshire