Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spiritual Spelunking

Ben turned 13 on December 27th, and as per our family tradition, I took him to a hotel. We had a great time, and talked about what it meant to be a man who truly loves God. Unlike the previous three boys, we could not go to the Embassy Suites, so we went to a nice hotel in the mountains south of Cochabamba. If you hike up the mountain from the hotel, there is a cave. The cave just screamed "Come inside" to Benjamin...so we went in...with my 10 million candle flashlight. (really...10 million candle...thank you Costco!

Inside the cave it was pitch black. We literally could not see anything. And although my mind knew it wasn't true, I could 'feel' the mountain crashing in on me. I was borderline claustrophobic. I was scared. But then, we cranked up the powerhouse spotlight and a neat thing happened. The cave changed from scary to cool. The weight of the mountain was lifted. The path became clear, and I didn't bump my head on the low ceilings. We could see where we were going, and where we had been. After we left the cave/tunnel and were walking up the mountain (we went to a little over 10,000 ft high), I talked to Ben about the difference being in the light meant...both in the cave, and in life.

I have been thinking about that a lot since then. Walkng in the light is more than just knowing Jesus, it is letting Him direct your path, show you where you are going, reveal to you where you have been. As a missionary in a country where there are some very real socio-economial-political situations on hand, I have had people ask me about fear, and how we feel living here, and are we returning to the States. If we were walking in the dark...we probably would feel the illusion of the mountain's weight on our shoulders and worry about what lie ahead. But, we are walking in the light. The weight of the fuutre is not on our shoulders, it is in God's hands. Fear is like the darkness...it is dispelled by the light. And why would we return when the light is pointed ahead?

How about you? Are you walking near the light...or in the light? Are you following Christ, or opinions?

Yes, the celebration with Ben was a highlight of my life...but what I learned from the Holy Spirit as I was trying to teach my son is probably going to help me the rest of my life. The place to be is in the light!