Friday, February 29, 2008

If It Is There...Buy It!

I went to the store the other day for Denise and was walking past a worker who was stocking the shelves. I noticed an unopened case of El Paso Refried Beans.

Now we lived in Texas for almost 30 years, and Tex-Mex food is in our blood. As a matter of fact, one of my dissapointments in moving to Bolivia is that they don't have Tex-Mex. Isn't that funny? I was equating Latin America with Mexican food. There is no more reason for Bolivia to have a good bean burrito than there is for it to have an English Kidney Pie....but I was expecting Mexican food in Bolivia. Anyway, despite being dissapointed at the lack of On The Border Restaruants, I was overjoyed to find Refried Beans in the store so we could make our own Tex-Mex at home. I bought a couple of cans...and when I went back to the store...they did not have anymore.

That was five months ago. For five months, there have been NO bean burritos in the Holman House. I was planning on sacrificing for the mission field...but no one told me about this! Now...zoom to the present.

Right beside me is an unopened case of El Paso Beans. I asked the man if I could have them, and he started to open the case. I said, "NO, the entire case." To his surprise I took the case, and then some more. I bought 30 cans of refried beans! This is because we have learned an important missiological principle.

When the store has someething that you want...If it is there...BUY IT! This is because it may not ever be there again.

Last time we went to the store, we bought 20 jars of peanut butter. all of you that sent Taco Seasoning Packets to us via my in-laws...know that your gift is going to be put to the maximum use now!