Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Planes And One Emergency Landing Later

Paul and Darlene Watson have a great travel story. They did make it to Bolivia, but only after being rerouted to Bogota, Columbia and spending a night there. Denise and I had decided to surprise them when they arrived in Santa Cruz, so we were dutifully waiting for their flight to arrive...which it did 20 hours late! They started off having to change planes in Miami, after boarding, because the plane had mechanical problems. They boarded another, and two hours into the flight, the piolot announced that they needed to re-route because of a fuel leak. The nearest airport that could let them land was Columbia. When they landed, the runway was lit up like a Christmas tree, with what Paul said was "every emergency vehicle in the entire country." The plane could not be repaired, and they had to wait until the next day to fly another one out.

But you know what? It could have taken 10 days...we are SO THRILLED that they are here! They brought THREE SUITCASES full of goodies, including 17 lbs of good ol' United States Coffee for me! Toys for the kids, tea for Denise, supplies for school, candy for everyone...but the best thing of all was the hand on the handle. Grandma and Grandpa are here!

A quick word of thanks to all of you from Blue Ridge Bible Church that sent stuff with them. You guys ROCK!!!

Gotta Go Play With Grandma


Sun said...

WOW! YAY - enjoy your family - I hope Denise is feeling ok - I know the first trimester is the worst. I am not sure how far along she is - but we are praying! Sunshine