Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Of The Reasons I Love My Church!

Our church recently had a children's program. Right before the actual program, they decided to have a time of worship with the kids. Faith was called up, unexpectedly, on the stage to help lead it. Here you can see the kids having a great time, singing in Spanish, and being a little goofy. Watch the whole thing to see Ben and Caleb in the salsa. :)


Rich said...

Did you forget to post the video? When are we going to see the video of you doing the Salsa? Maybe they haven't covered that in language school yet? :)

Carter Farley said...

I wish there were words on this earth to tell you all how much we love you!
Even though there is sometimes a "broadcast delay", we still joy in your joys and sorrow in your sorrows.
Our hearts race with your successes and setbacks.
We love you and so look forward to the day we can see you all!
-The Farleys