Monday, April 21, 2008

Aquarium Or Ocean

Chances are, you either have an aquarium or you have an aquarium screen saver. I have a thought for you the next time you look at or see either one. It is another benefit of listening to good preaching! (just a plug for preaching).

My pastor said a short sentence the other day that I wrote down...and then later came back and meditated on. He said, "La mayoria de gente estudia la Biblia como esta veindo en un acuario". (most people study the Bible like they are looking at an aquarium) He then moved on....but that sentence stayed with me.

A couple of years ago, on a vacation, Seth, Jacob, Denise and I went scuba diving. (here is Jacob under the Caribean Sea)

What is the difference between these two photos...between looking at an aquarium and scuba diving?

The main one is immersion. When I look at an aquarium, I am never part of what I see. I am always an outsider looking in. I may like it, but I don't enjoy it. I have met passionate scuba divers, but I have never met a passionate aquarium screen saver watcher. As an outsider looking in, we notice things, but we don't experience them. However, when you scuba become part of the environment. You are not watching fish swim, you are swimming with the fish. You are not on the outside looking are inside.

When it comes to reading the Scripture, are you a scuba diver or an aquarium screen saver watcher? Do you see the Bible as written to you, for you, and about you? Or is it something written a long time ago about someone else? Does God speak to you through the Bible...or did He just speak the Bible to other people?

We are to be Bible Divers. Immerse yourself in the clean, clear water of God's truth and experience it as never before!