Monday, April 21, 2008

Dad--The Family Leader--In All Cultures

I spoke last Sunday in a church in La Paz. My subject was the title of this blog. In a machismo society, where the leadership of the husband is exercised through power and domination..where women are beaten and treated subject was not at first well received.

Until God brought to mind an illustratino that I had never thought of. I said that we have a view of leadership from a position of peace and the world of commerce. In this view, we think the leader tells others what to do, and demands to be served. Our gut response, and that of many wives, when their husband tells them what to do is this: "You don't tell me what to do!".

But what about times of war? Imagine if you would, that you are in a patrol, and you are in enemy territory. You know that there are enemy soldiers hidden in the jungles ahead. You konw that there are snipers somewhere. You know that the trail has covered anti-personel mines on it. All that lays ahead of you is danger.

One of your fellow soldiers looks at you and says, "I will walk point. I will go in front of the rest of you, watch out for danger, check for mines, and be willing to sacrifice myself for you.'

Would you respond, "No one tells me what to do!"?

As God spoke through this illustration, I saw heart attitudes change through body language. This is the role of Dad, the family leader. He is to go in front of the family, in this time of spiritual war, and watch out for the family. He is to sacrifice himself serving his wife and children. The purpose of leadership is not to tell others what to do, but to help them do what God has told them.

I was amazed once more at the timeless, cross cultural, and life changing truth of God.

Dad...are you the point man in your family?


J R Phillips said...

Hey Pastor Joe, great posts today; I always love your perspective. SO exciting the way God is using ya'll in Bolivia...praying for all ya'll today!!