Monday, April 28, 2008

Miquel's Story

I have had several people ask me about this video, which I had posted on our old website, so I thought I would put it up again. This isn't made by us, but it is relevant to us. The setting is in our neighborhood. The streets that you see are next to ours. The beggars that you see, we give money to. The wheelbarrow boy that this movie is about is just like the young boys and girls that we minister each week. This is where we live, where we shop, and who we see every Saturday. It also gives you great insight into the lives of the people in Cochabamba. This boy's story is the same as about 40% of the kids that live here...only many of them have just been totally abandoned by their parents. The parents go to Spain, Italy, or the United States to find employment...and after a while stop sending money back. The children end up living on the street. It is a horrible situation that we hope to help as we train pastors to reach and minister their communities.