Monday, April 21, 2008

Walking By Faith

I had the joy of preaching at a new church this past Sunday in La Paz. I wasn't very energetic, since the church is in a home located at more than 11,500 ft.

But the story of the church is really cool. Here is a shot of it.

Anyway, the church is meeting in a home (but they are about to move to a school because they have outgrown the home). The home owner clears out the furniture in a couple of bedrooms, and the living room/den every Sunday morning for church and Sunday school. Marcelo, the man that lives there, moved into the area and wanted to have an evangelical church reach the community. He and his wife believed that God would one day use them to help start such a church. So they prayed and waited, waited and prayed.

But here is the neat part. They not only wanted God to start a church in their home, they believed that he much so that look at what they built.

When they built their house....they had a BAPTISMAL TUB built so that after the church started they would have a place to baptize converts!

A couple of months ago, the church started. It now has a full time pastor (which is an anomaly in Bolivia), and is reaching out to the community to bring people to Jesus. They hosted the parenting conference that Denise and I led this past weekend. They had 100 adults in attendance...representing over 300 people. This would be like a church of 100 in the States hosting a conference with 500 people was incredible.

Pray for our ministry there to bear much fruit. We have already received invitations from other churches to go back to La Paz to teach!


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That is so great!