Monday, May 5, 2008

Donde Esta Mama?

We are doing something in my house that hasn't been attempted in 13 years! Seriously, the last successful experiment was over 13 years ago. It was such a near catastrophe, that the authorites have refused to grant us a license to try it again until now.

Mama has left the building.

The family has been without Mama before for ladies retreats (one/two nights max). They have also done without Mom--but only with Gramdma as a proxy.

Now...for the next few weeks..."Estamos viviendo sin Mama" (We are living without Mom). Denise has gone to the States to visit her parents, Seth, and some of our friends. She is also visiting our Home Church.

I cannot promise that the children will be in clean clothes...or any clothing at all, when she returns. I cannot promise health or safety. This is a very dangerous experiment.

However, I can promise this. We are so pumped that she is sacrificing (it is a big deal to her) and leaving us so that she can see our oldest son and her parents. We hope and pray (will you also) that her time in the States is refreshing and enjoyable.

Until then....does anyone know where my youngest daughter is?


@ngie said...

Me imagino que van a estar bien - pero por si hay caso ustedes saben que nos pueden llamar en cualquier momento si tienen necesidad se auxilio.

Y, creo que vi a Paciencia en el super esta noche, no estoy segura, pero habia un monton de gente y creo que la vi alli. :-)

kathywilshire said...

I will be praying for you and the kids and for Denise's safety and enjoyment while she's here. I was just away for 4 1/2 days and it was amazing how much more Larry appreciates me now! And I only left him with 2 teenage daughters and one college age son who was only here 2 days, not 9 kids in a foreign country!! I bet you will really miss her!!

Shelly said...

Thank you for allowing Denise to visit. It is truly a blessing to have her here to share your story with our church and friends - even the AWANA cubbies appreciated having her speak Sunday night. I pray that the situation there rests until Denise can make it back safely to be with you all. And, we have definitely prayed for her 'rest' while in the care of Seth and the other boys at his house. Thank you again Joe for allowing us all such a treat in having her for this time.
Blessings, Carter, Shelly, Matthew, Chase & Maddy