Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is to Denise, but I guess other people can watch it. Babe,I hope that you like this. You will appreciate the fact that it took five hours to make. Here is the process: We want to make video, but our camera is broken. We borrow a camera from the Lowes (thank you) Everyone put on good clothes. We filmed the sment and changed clothes. Our computer is to old to use their cables. We borrowed another camera from the Washingtons (Thanks). The camera did not have a tape. We cannot find our camera bag with our tapes. 45 minutes later, we have a tape. It is to dark to film...and we don't have a lamp. Our flashlights have dead batteries. We finally decide to film in the pantry. Everyone changed again, and surprise! The girls put on different dresses! We filmed again. Jacob and Caleb's segment hadto be redone...the computer lost half of it. Finally...we made it! Now, just a note...half of the above would not have happened if you were here! We love you! Happy Mother's Day!


The Holmans In Bolivia said...

It's much sweeter than chocolates or flowers could ever be. Thank you so much. I love and miss you all so it was wonderful to see your faces and hear that you love and miss me too. You guys are the best!! How can you have grown so much in one week? (Although I've grown in a week too! :>) Too much favorite foods.) I can't wait to get back and hug and kiss you. This video just made me love and miss you even more if that's possible. Thanks for the best Mother's Day present ever from the best kids ever.

I know how things work in Bolivia and that nothing is fast. I'm sure it took all day to make this and I'm so grateful to you for sticking it out through all the trials. BTW, you guys have an awesome dad for hanging in there and putting all the work into this video. Show him some love from me. :>) You all look amazing so dressed up. I'll see you soon...but not soon enough.

So grateful to be,
Your Mom