Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fill My Cup

We do something here in Bolivia that we almost never did in the States. We drink soft drinks at dinner. Not every night, but at least twice a week we treat the family to good old, teeth rotting, stomach eating, weight gaining Cokes. We figured that the guys gave up so much that a little treat like this (bottled in Bolivia and cheaper than in the States) is doable.

Guess what they do? They sip on their drinks as they eat until someone asks for a refill. When they see us pouring a little more Coke in a siblings cup…they don’t hand us theirs for a little more…nope…they gulp down all they can as fast as they can so they can give us an empty cup. They have discovered that you can’t refill a full cup. The emptier it is, the more coke you get.

At church this past week I thought of this (I don’t know why). But many times people will go to church week after week and, to say it like I have heard it, not “Get much out of the service”. Yet right beside them, there is someone who is ecstatic about what occurred that morning. Then I thought…”Maybe the latter one had an empty cup”. You see, church is where we are to get refilled…but if we went all week without pouring our lives into someone…there simply isn’t any room for more. Maybe we leave, not getting much out of the service, because we came with a full life to begin with. A full cup doesn’t get fuller. So…a little spiritual lesson from greedy coke guzzlers. If you aren’t getting a lot out of Sunday…maybe you can try giving more Monday through Saturday.

Just another thought from Bolivia.