Sunday, August 17, 2008

Surprising A Burglar

Jacob ran by the house to grab something the other night and almost grabbed something he didn’t want….a thief. When he walked in the downstairs door, he heard a slam of a door upstairs. He went up to check on it (mistake number one), and as he went there was another slam…the balcony door. (we have a small balcony off of the bedroom…about 3’ * 5’). He went to the door, and there was the thief climbing over the wall outside to get away. The balcony is right beside a lower part of the roof which connects to the wall….a second story sidewalk in a manner of speaking. The thief dropped down and ran away. Jake started to chase him (mistake number two) but couldn't get outside in time and the guy got away.

Jacob was a little rattled. But, as I told him, he was just as safe in the arms of God when the burglar was in the streets as when he was in the house. It just didn’t feel that safe. However, the reality is our God is in control…even when we don’t feel like it.

You know something else? That thief was just like satan (spelled with a small letter out of disrespect). He tries to steal, kill and destroy…but when our lives are open to the truth of God (here represented by Jacob)….the old coward has to run away. Hallelujah!

But…as a side note….tonight why not pray for our safety to be so obvious to us that we even feel safe? 