Monday, August 4, 2008

That Is Why We Are Here!

I was trying to explain to another missionary how good our parenting conference went, and in a pause of my sentence they said, “In other words, that is why you are here”. I could not have put it better!

We have had a busy six weeks, but I think that God is radically blessing what is going on. For those of you that prayed for our parenting conference…THANK YOU. It was tremendous. Denise and I taught a one day, 7 hour conference to fifty parents. I could not have been happier with the event. We have been invited to start a parenting small group with the attendees, but due to the baby coming next month—we may have to postpone it. I did go to a Wednesday night follow up small group, and God received so much praise in the one week after the conference…it was just way too cool! We had a missionary that went to one of our parenting conferences ask us if maybe God was leading us to include a parenting ministry along with our ministry to pastors and church leaders. I think the answer is yes! So…please continue to pray.

I also spoke at a Church conference. I was going to speak three times, but then the leader of the conference asked if I could speak another time. The week of the conference, the speaker that was flying in from the States missed their flight and could not make it. I ended up speaking seven times! I think it was the best conference that I have done, so once more, thank you for praying!

Following the conference, the next week, I held my regular mentoring meeting with a group of 8 people that I am taking through John Maxwell’s million leader meeting.

This is why we are here! Mentoring and training pastors, leaders, and now parents.