Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Worker Shows Up

In my previous blog, I talked about waiting on a repairman. I thought I would expand for a moment on what it is like here compared to what I am used to…another cultural experience calling for abiding in Christ.

I used to call a plumber, and in a few hours a truck would pull up and the plumber would come in. He would carry his toolbox or wear his toolbelt. He would look at the problem, tell me how much it was going to cost, and then repair it with the parts on his truck.

Here, I call a plumber and he rides up on his bike or takes a taxi. He looks at the problem, and then asks me if I have a pair of channel locks. He borrows my wrench, my pliers, and my screwdriver. After an hour or so…he tells me what the problem is, hands me back my tools and says he has to go buy the parts…but will not be able to come back until after 3:00 because all of the stores are closed for siesta, but he will be here at 3. Around 6:00, he gets out of the taxi, borrows my tools, and installs the parts…about 8 hours after I called him.

But the upside is this…it only cost me $3 plus


Rich said...

I love being able to follow you guys through the blogs. Thanks for doing that and encouraging us from so far away! You guys are read, loved, and prayed for!