Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Glimpses Of God's Goodness

Looking at these photos makes you doubt my title. If you have been keeping up with the news lately, then you konw that here in Bolivia we are experiencing 'unrest'. Some of the events have made international headlines (like the Ambassador being kicked out), while most of what is going on is local. Yet in the midst of this turmoil, we have been surrounded by the goodness of God. Let me share what I mean, in asending order with the last being the greatest.

1. The Leadership Of Our Mission. One of the reasons that SIM appealed to us was the strength, commitment, maturity and wisdom of the leadership. Throughout this 'crisis', our leadership has proven to be focused on Jesus and the Mission. They have been a calming influence due to the trust we have in them. God works in and through leadership, and seeing Him working through SIM has been GOOD.

2. The Commitment Of Missionaries. I have truly seen the GOODNESS of God in watching the hearts of loyalty and commitment of my fellow missionaries, both SIM and other mission agencies. It is a joy to see people fully surrendered to the call of God and walking by faith in Him...even when sight seems dim. (This is not a self-brag...I am a wimp...I am talking about watching the courageous hearts of those I know here.).

3. Relationships. Having friends and family with us. Darlene (Denise's mom) and oru friend Shelly have been here for a couple of weeks. Just their being here reminds us of what really matters--people. They, along with our other friends here, have let us see the GOODNESS of God in His love manifested through others. We have celebrated Patience's birthday, and my birthday during the last week. Both events overshadowed any negative things that have happened. Love always defeats hate!

4. The Most Important Way That We Have Seen God's Goodness...

The gift of life. The gift of personhood. The gift of family. The gift of love. God's goodness in the birth of Mercy so overwhelmed anything else in the world...Life...what a gift of God. Children truly are the blessing of God.

Living In His Goodness...All The Time,