Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ten Things I Have Learned On The Mission Field

I was thinking today about being on the mission field, and what it has taught me. I was actually thinking about putting together some type of Sunday School class or message on it for when I go to the States. However, right now it is too long.

So, here in no order whatsoever, are 10 of the 21 things I thought of today.

1. I have to pursue a love relationship with Jesus...He has to be my first priority.

2. Wash everything. My son Ben asked me what I would say is the most important thing, non spiritual, that I have learned...that is what got this whole blog started. In about five seconds, I said, WASH. Wash your hands, again. Wash your food. Wash your body. Wash your face. We even wash our water (by filtering it). Wash. Wash. I love what Patience says every time before we eat.... "I need the hanitizer". She means the sanitizer.

3. Your marriage must come first. A healthy and happy marriage is the best source of energy and encouragement.

4. Stress is a prayer trigger....take it to God and leave it there.

5. Your kids rock. Take full advantage of the time you have with them to point them to Jesus.

6. God works through the church. There is very little in this world more important than being an active part of a local church.

7. Leadership makes a huge a nation, a church, a mission organization, or a family.

8. The invisible servants are the most important. This comes from thinking about the incredible difference that infrastructure and administration the US with most countries, and the infrastructure...the thing that most of you never think one of the greatest assets that you have. Sewage, water, storm drainage, roads, bridges, electrical, utilities, traffic control....all servants that we never think about. Apply this to your church, the kingdom of God, and even the government. It is the invisible, behind the scenes things that make it all possible.

9. Convenience is not a necessity, but it sure is cool when you got it (which we don't).

10. Friends Friends Friends. We can't really live without them.

I will add some more to this later...but any missionary friends feel free to comment.

2 comments: said...

Well, I guess I qualify as one of those missionary friends. :-)

It has been so great watching you and your awesome family go through all the fabulous firsts of missionary life. I have to say that you have done so gracefully and with a contagious spirit of joy that has reminded me why I love the life path we have chosen. I would have to say that it all comes back to our number one on this list. You exude a love for Christ. Bless you, brother, for keeping it real and taking a moment to share with us what you have learned.

Hawes Family said...

I second #8.