Friday, December 5, 2008


Many times, as I preach, I hear the Holy Spirit talking TO me instead of THROUGH me. I guess it is an occupational hazard/blessing of being a pastor.

It happened again. Only this time, to another preacher. The kids have started holding church service in our house. I mean, full fledge CCCCHHHUURRRCCCCHHH. They set ups the chairs, make bulletins, select songs, and have a sermon. Everyone in the family has to go, and they take turns running the service.

Yesterday, Joy was in charge.

The order of service was like this.

  1. Pass out bulletins and crayons for the kids
  2. Have two congregational songs...Rejoice in the Lord and Trading My Sorrows.
  3. Five minute break for refreshments and meet someone you don't know.
  4. Special song by Joy that she wrote about loving God.
  5. Sermon by Joy. The sermon was about how great God is and how wonderful it is that He died for us.

About an hour later, Joy walked up to me and said, "Dad, where is mom?" I said that she was nursing the baby. Joy said, "Oh, well...I guess I can tell you. I really want to be a Christian. I really love God...He is the best, and I really hate the devil."

I could tell this was God working, so I took her upstairs and got her mother. We chatted with Joy for about 10 minutes to make sure that she fully comprehended what was going on. Then asked her to pray. She prayed two prayers....I wish I could quote them, but they were something like this.

First Prayer. "God, will you forgive me for, like all my sinning. I mean, even when I hurt people, and even when I do things or don't do things, or even when I don't want to do some things that I do anyway. Jesus died for me."

Second Prayer: "Jesus, will you come into my head...even my wwwwhhhooolllleee body? Will you help me love you? And, there are lots of times when I want to do good stuff, but I have to have you helping me to do it. Will you live in me? I love you more than anyone or anything. Your the best."

Pretty good theology in both those prayers!

So, last night, on the birthday of Denise's mom, Joy was convicted by her own preaching and gave her life to Jesus Christ!



Gallo Pinto2 said...

That is soooooo wonderful! said...

Oh wow! That really is great!

Deb said...

Since I became a Christian so very many years ago, it never fails that my eyes fill with tears when I hear of someone receiving Christ as their savior. Today is no exception. Thanks for sharing with all of us this very wonderful, basically perfect, moment in Joy's (and your) life.