Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boy Are You In Hot Water...NOT.

Our new house has a solar water heater. It hardly uses any electricity…that is what the owner told us. What he did not say was that it does not STORE hot water. It only HEATS the water. This means that we have hot (or ‘not cold’) water available from about noon until about 5ish. Before or after that time frame, the water either hasn’t heated or has cooled down.

This doesn’t do a lot of good for people that normally get up and shower around 6ish.

However, we do have another option. Outside of many houses in Bolivia, including ours, is a small dormitorio and/or bathroom for the maid if you have a live in maid (which we don’t). It is in my mind more like a slaves quarters, but most houses built for the middle class have them.

Now, here is one of the reasons that I love my wife. She is such a camper…literally. Because using this shower is like when you go camping at a campground. We have to get up and gather our stuff, then walk outside to the bathroom with the bugs and spiders (the door has wood slats and nothing more…plus three of them are missing).

The heater is a 220 volt end of the shower head heater. The thing is, if you touch any part of it, you get a really nice 220 volt wake up call while you are standing in the water as the electricity flows over you. Seriously, you cannot touch it.
Look at the photo.
Those are 220 volt wires and that is NOT electric tape holding them. I am particularly proud of how I repaired it. Notice the nerf dart tied strapped onto it? That stopped a water leak. I always tell the boys, “use what you got”.

Denise hasn’t complained a bit. She just walks out there, stomps on a spider and avoids touching the wake me up shower head. I love that girl.

This isn’t that big of a deal. I just wanted to share another small glimpse of life in Bolivia. We are going to install a water heater that runs off a small propane tank (like your propane grill out back). It should be here within the month.

Life is okay, but God is GREAT!


Becky said...

Many thoughts come to mind when I look at the solar water heater. I want to change that picture and put a can of Dr. Pepper up there.