Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello Again!

Life has been happening here. God is starting to expand our ministry as we get better at the language. Since Octubre (I did not mean to do that Spanglish, but left it there on purpose for a point.:)) I have been doing all of my teaching and preaching in Spanish. To be honest, I am not fluent by a long accent sounds like a fast talking Texas drawl trying to pronounce Spanish (not Mexican...there is a difference between the Mexican accent and true Castillano or Spanish). To put it bluntly, I stink...but people can understand me. I often picture myself sounding like someone from India sounds to us. They know the vocabulary and the grammar, but sometimes it is just un poco difícil para is just a little hard to understand.
I will put up a few posts today and tomorrow, just to catch you guys up on life.
One thing I need to point out just as a matter of fact. My coffee supply is getting low. I brought back a bunch of Starbucks from the States in January....and Old Mother Hubbards Cubbard is getting that a hint?

Okay...I have had literally four people from the States send me an email and tell me that my beard makes me look like Jack Baur. For those of you who think is my best Jack Baur about to torture you for the information pose....

One quick thing. I am now a facebook dude, and so is Denise. If you are on facebook, send us a friend request, Joe Holman or Denise Holman. Denise is way better at being on it than I am. I don't do the games and apps, but it is a great way to do a quick "¿Como Estas?.