Saturday, April 25, 2009

My 'Conversion' Truck

Denise and I had some really great friends go back to the States (we miss you Carl and Glenda!). When they left, they sold us their Land Rover.

Their, and now our, Land Rover was made in Japan for Japanese drivers. What this means is that it is a right hand drive car, because in Japan they drive on the left side…it is like England. In the car, the driver sits on the right hand side.

Now in Bolivia, we drive like in the States, on the right side of the road. Well, actually the sign is pretty accurate, a lot of times people drive on whichever side of the road they want to...honestly. So, there is a huge market here in Bolivia for what we call transformer or conversion cars. People purchase cars from Japan and China where the driver sits on the right hand side, and then they convert them to the left.

Many taxis, probably at least 50%, are conversion cars because they are so cheap. However, a lot of the time the conversions are done quickly and at as little cost as possible, so you will get in a taxi and all of the instruments are in front of you, as well as a hole where the steering wheel used to be. The steering wheel and pedals are on your left, but everything else is on the right. It is funny looking.

In my Land Rover, the conversion was pretty good. However, there are a few bugs. The car still thinks that the passenger door and seatbelt are the drivers so the buzzers and lights work for that. I actually have electric windows (the first time in over two years) but they are backwards, the right button operates the left window. The parking break is on the wrong side of the stick shift, and the blinker is on the wrong side of the steering wheel. At least 20% of the time when I go to turn on my blinker, I turn on my windshield wipers because they are backwards. The kids laugh at me every time!

I was thinking about this, and my car suddenly reminded me of me. I have been transformed. I was ‘wrong’ and now I am right. My life has been redirected and God has done all the work to make me fit for the streets of glory!

However, there are still things, small things for sure, but things in my life that need work. I have some buttons wrong, and maybe my signals get crossed. God has worked, but the fact is, He is still working in my life.

Now, when the wipers come on instead of the blinker, it is a message from God…we are ready for Heaven thanks to His grace, but we still need for the transformation process here to keep going.

Praise God!



Gallo Pinto2 said...

I didn't know theirs was a conversion car and I rode in it quite a few times. I'm glad you guys were able to buy it :)