Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our New Home

I will put some shots of our new home up when we are totally unpacked. This was our sixth move (including what we new was temporary housing) in under 3 years. We are getting good at it, and learning to totally hate it.

Just to give you a feel for the area, we are now North of the city, on the very outskirts of it...although still less than 10 minutes to downtown. Since the city is in a valley, the housing kinda stops at the mountains. We are now on the edge of the mountain.

Bummer is that the neighborhood is a little less safe. I had two hubcaps stolen off my car while it was parked in the street as we were unpacking the first day! Welcome to the neighborhood.

Here are three shots of the houses around us. I will put shots of our incredible view of the city later. Notice the cow in back. There are sheep, dogs (a lot of them), chickens, and cows all around us...and we are in the city!

Here is a video I took on the way to unload our stuff. The kids had not seen the house yet.