Saturday, May 16, 2009

Job Security

With all the people in the States, and around the world, losing their jobs due to the economic crisis, I was thinking (thanks to Jon Lowe's blog) about the fact that I have tremendous job security. God has called us into the field, and there is no downsizing until Jesus comes back. As long as there is one more person that needs to know God better and love Him more, as long as there is one more person who hasn't heard of God's love for them, as long as there is one more relationship in need of the touch of Jesus...there is a need for my job!

To all of you who, in spite of your economic hardship, keep giving to keep us here on the field...THANK YOU!

And to all of you...have you considered, prayerfully, a career change into a firm where there are no layoffs or reductions in workforce?

The world...and BOLIVIA needs you!