Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Joy Of Anticipation

My wife and I are flying to the United States to be at Sandy Cove this year. It has been three years since we were there. It has been over two years since we were on American soil together. Believe it or not, we moved to Bolivia on May 17, 2007. We have been here for two years!

We have acclimated. We have gotten a working knowledge of the language, so that I can teach and preach in Spanish. We have learned to drive, and although as of this article I do not have one, hopefully within the next week I will have a Bolivian Driver’s license! We have learned how to merge, bluff your way through intersections, and honk your horn every 17 seconds. Driving in Bolivia is NOT like driving in the U.S.

We have learned to adjust our lifestyles to a slower pace, and how to hunker down and stay safe behind concrete walls when there is violence or potential violence in the streets. We have learned how to keep a supply of water on hand, and how to go without meat when the highways are blocked. We know how to ration our water, and can live without hot water for months on end.

We have learned more than we ever thought we would want to know about amoebas, parasites, bacteria, and the associated digestive disorders. We have learned how to communicate to medical doctors in the emergency rooms, and how to successfully be victims of armed robbery without being hurt.

We have learned how people all over the world need Jesus. We have learned that relationships are messy, but God is in the business of cleaning them up…that is all part of what redemption is about. We have learned the INCREDIBLE JOY of serving Christ in Spirit Filled Power as we depend on Him and watch Him flow through us to bless and change the lives of others.

Right now, we are learning something else. GOING HOME IS FUN.

Let me say that again. WE LOVE living in Bolivia and serving Jesus on the mission field. But GOING HOME is fun.

I cannot tell you how many conversations we have had about this. We are only going to be in the States one week, and five days of that is at the Sandy Cove Conference Center where we will be speaking at our favorite conference (, but we have talked on end about what we want to do, who we want to see, etc.

We have talked about restaurants and shopping. The word Wal Mart has left our lips many times. We have gone on line and looked at things that we will buy, and we are planning our trip to have one day of just shopping.

We have talked and laughed about the friends and family that we will see. We have reminisced about the past some, but almost all of our conversation is about the future. How cool it is going to be for both of us to be at Sandy Cove, eating ‘safe’ food, and not having a parasite for a week. We have talked about brushing our teeth with water out of the faucet, and eating an apple before putting it in bleach. We have talked about air conditioning, comfortable chairs, and a good sound system. But most of all, we have talked about people.

We have something that you don’t (nana nana na na naaa). We have the joy of anticipation. Sure, you want to go. But, we WANT TO GO SO BAAAADDDDD. Everyday we talk about it. Every single ding dong day.

You know what I see in this. The joy of anticipation….one day, we are really going to go home. We are going to leave this fallen world with all of its sinful and spiritual parasites, with its wicked soul viruses, and its draining relational bacteria. We are going to leave an unsafe, fallen, and cursed world and GO HOME.

We are going to go see Dad. We are going to see our brothers and our sisters. We will be with our family. We will eat with them, drink with them, and laugh…and LOVE with them. We will leave this world behind and finally be where we should be.

You know what I think? I think we should think about this. I think we should talk about it every ding dong day. We are going home.

What do you anticipate about heaven? What do you think it will be like?

I can’t wait to sit down by the emerald sea and talk with you about it!

The joy of anticipation. Wow.



dozenhalls said...

Don Darling talked about this the last time he preached. He said he looks forward with anticipation to sitting around a nice fireplace drinking his mountain grown Folgers and chatting with our Father.And you know Don! His voice was choked up and you could SEE heaven from his description! I am thinking you might want to have Starbucks :) Anticipation, Baby! We can't WAIT to see you too, Man!