Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Juan Day

City View 1 Day Before San Juan

City View 2 Day Before San Juan

City View 1 Today--Day After San Juan

City View 2 Today--Day After San Juan

Every year we get to experience the joy of living next to a campfire for two days. It is called San Juan Day.

In a nutshell here is the idea. If you stay up all night burning fires until sunup, then you will have good luck all year long, St. John will bless you for doing it. The fires also include fireworks...large bomb like fireworks...all night long.

There is so much smoke, that last year the airport grounded and canceled all flights the following day! Everything in your house, your clothes, your is all smoke.

Here are two before and two after photos of the city. Today...the smoky CLEAR WEATHER WITH NO CLOUDS. That is smoke...not fog, not smog, not a rainy day.

Right now as I type this, it smells like a campfire is in the room. You should be here. But...I have to mention that we did not stay up all night for good you will have to pray for us to be blessed instead!