Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Cultural Difference...But Not A Good One

You hear this alot. Life is slower in other countries. It is more ‘tranquil’ and less stressed. That is true. While other countries lack the production of the U.S. and could learn tons from her…I do think that sometimes the good ole USA can go overboard. I experienced this afresh in a church I was preaching in. There were several things going on that day, of which I was one of them. Before church the pastor met with me and the worship leader and told the worship leader that the last song had to be cut. “It is only 2½ minutes long” replied the worship pastor. “Gotta go, we have too much to do” was the final call. Less than three minutes, but had to get rid of it cuz if not, church would go over by three minutes and the world as we know it would or could conceivably end….or something even worse? We are so tied to the clock…so worried about the time…are we managing time or is it mastering us?

Another viewpoint. I was chatting for a few minutes with a friend (whom I haven’t seen in over two years) who came to hear me preach when I was in the States. We were talking after church and they looked at their watch and said, “Well, it has been great talking to you I have to go.” I asked, “Where do you have to go?” Now, I wasn’t being facetious, just curious. They mumbled and I realized that they did not HAVE to go…it is just that we had done our allotted and allowed 10 minutes of chatting….it had to end.

I know that Bolivia can learn a lot from the production mentality of the West…I am a type A person living in a type Z world…but there is some learning that we US Citizens can learn also…let me put it in a simple sentence. “Chill out, relax, and enjoy the moment.”


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Oh man, had I been at a church that wanted to cut a song so church wouldn´t go over by 3 minutes I think I would have died! (Maybe this is why I go to a bilingual church that is more Latino than it is US)

And people do say ¨Well I´ve got to go¨way too much in the States...