Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seatbelts And Ministry

How To Use A Seatbelt

Okay. I have to just say, “I have been using a seatbelt for 45 years now (literally with no exaggeration). You don’t have to explain how to connect it or disconnect it.” I just watched the flight attendant explain, complete with belt in the air above her head, how to connect the belt by putting this end in that end, and when you want to disconnect it, by lifting up on the handle. Who makes them do this? Why do they do this? Is there anyone on the planet, or at least flying in USA Airspace, that does not use a seatbelt…or cannot figure out how?

As I was watching this demonstration…and I was the ONLY person watching it, I thought unfortunately that this is a picture of many churches. I am writing this as a person who has devoted his life to helping churches, so I have a right to say this.  Many churches are still explaining how to use seatbelts. No one is listening, not because seatbelts are not important, but because it isn’t addressing a need. I need the belt, I don’t need to be told what I already know and shown how to use it. Tell me something else. Teach me something. Show me something. Let me hear how Christ can change my life!

We have the seatbelt…the gospel…the truth…and people need to know it. However, maybe there is a different way to explain. Just a thought from a sociological (not pathological) pastor.