Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seeing The Growth

Having moved away from friends, and going a couple of years without seeing them, I was shocked when I came face to face with them once more. Not with the adults, but with the kids. It is incredible. I left children and came back to discover young adults. Kids had grown from young teens who were about 5’2”, to being 6’ or more with facial hair, deep voices, and muscles. I could easily see the growth, but their parents really didn’t realize the change. It was there, like in my kids, but it is one thing to see a child grow a tiny little bit every day, to seeing a two and a half year change in one swoop.
I thought to myself…this is how it is with spiritual growth in our lives. Sometimes we may think that we are not growing, when we really are. It is just that we are growing a tiny little bit…almost unperceivable to us, but it is there. Here is a good test. Look at your faith, your trust in Christ, your spiritual dependence upon Him, your knowledge of God today, and don’t compare it to yesterday, compare it to last year. Can you see a difference? You should be able to.