Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dining In La Cancha

Check this will give you a new perspective. By the way, the shaky camera is not an artistic endeavor, it is a hidden cam...I did not want to be huber obvious.


Janice Phillips said...

Whoa...I think I'll be content for a while...and not all that hungry anymore.

stumbler said...

It is a whole different world!

Great to see where you live from an "on the ground" perspective.

Loving your Blog Joe.... I look forward to new ones posted.


Carter said...

Wow, I think I'll have the veggie platter please.
No wonder the deep fry everything, its their only protection!
Love you Dude!

mater said...

Wow. oh wow.....

Chloe and I were trying to figure out what kind of meat was being thrown from the truck. It looked nasty, whatever it was :P ~Carin

Christy said...

Yikes! I watch a lot of traveling cooking shows where they go places like Lebanon and Mexico and eat food cooked by old women in shacks, and I'm always wondering if the food is safe! But these are top chefs who are eating there! I wonder how you know the difference between what is amazing ethnic food and what is full of uninvited guests?

Kathy W said...

OK, if I lived there I would definitely become a vegetarian!!
Be Careful!!

Jennifer T. said...

See, what better incentive could there be to become a vegetarian?! Ick!

Stumbler said...

Ah... but meat is cooked. Raw vegetables washed in the local water.... a world of Amoeba and bacteria (and not the good kind).

Be a second rank vegetarian like me. I only eat animals that eat vegetables! Snake? Lion? Condor? No thank you. :-)