Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Need A Sunday School Teacher...

Last week I had a great time teaching the Adult Sunday School class of Blue Ridge Bible Church in Purcellville Virginia. We talked about what it is like to live in another culture outside of the Western Worldview, about specific Bolivian customs, looked at 1 Kings and the story of Elijah, then had about 15 minutes of question and answer.
It was a lot of fun.
And I did it all from over 4,000 miles away.
We set up a skype video call. I was at my dinner table in Bolivia, and they were in Virginia. The video was slightly behind the audio, but just enough to add authenticity to it. :)
Technology is cool. Technology is awesome when you use it for God's glory.
Anyone out there interested in doing this again? Sunday School, Small Groups, Mission Conferences....you name it.


dozenhalls said...

how about Awana? say on February 28th for our South of the Border night? We are focusing on the Holman's and their ministry. Can you do it?

Joe Holman said...

Earl and Geni,
You bet! Give me details such as the direction you want me to take in my presentation (tell a story, talk about missions, answer pre-written questions), and how long.

We will need to connect about 30 minutes in advance to make sure that the audio and video is bueno. Also, I sent Tom Geyer a few backup videos in case something goes wrong the night of the event…you may want to snag copies of those. Our internet goes out periodically (very periodically) and if it happened to be out or go out that night, the video would give you something to replace it with and still be focused on the Holmans and Bolivia.

Look Forward To It!