Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Year End Blessings And More Than Blessings

We have a family in the States that used to support us with a large gift each month. Then, unfortunately, the husband lost his job. He wrote us a letter explaining his circumstances and expressing his sorrow at having to stop giving. We felt and understand his pain and sorrow, and grieved over the stress in his family and life due to this event. I too have been laid off and know not only the financial hardship, but the emotional pain this causes a husband and father.

Sadly, this story has been repeated hundreds of times across the mission field in the last year, and thousands of times throughout mission history. We fully understand and God provides for us through other means. But, my friend’s story does not end here. I honestly feel like Jesus must have when He saw the Centurion’s faith and declared, “I have not seen faith like this in all of Israel.” Our friend just sent us an email, last month. Here is what it said.

"I wanted to tell you that I was recently offered a part time position with a Christian Ministry. And we will begin supporting you again, asap. I am putting my financials together and will get on board with supporting you again right away."

Did you see that? He has been unemployed for some time, and now is working part time for a Christian ministry…but what is his priority? He will begin supporting us again asap. What a commendation of his priorities in life. Not giving us money, but making sure that supporting the work of God is a priority in his life. (Although the giving us part is cool too).

In a time of economic hardship, we almost always stop our giving before we stop our spending. I believe that compounds the hardship. God blesses us as we give, not as we spend. My friend understands not only the purpose of money, but the principle of giving. It humbles me to watch him obey God.

I called this article Year End Blessings And More Than Blessings. Here is why. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

We want you to be more blessed! That is not a tongue in cheek, sarcastic play. I truly believe the Bible and when it says that it is more blessed to give than to receive, that is a declaration of truth!

Here is how it works, according to God. Now, if you asked me—from my perspective—it would seem that God has it backwards…but isn’t so much of the Bible contrary to what we actually think? A leader is the servant of all and the greatest is the least. Humble yourself to be exalted. The first shall be last. The most important thing you can do in eternity is…nothing because Jesus did it all. So, here is what God says.

We receive money from you and are blessed.
You give money to us and are more blessed.

So...if you are thinking of a year end gift, a Christmas gift, or a project for your church or homeschool group, I know of a God Honoring, Christ Centered, Spirit Led, and Bible Believing ministry you can send money to! If you have not been thinking of giving, then let me challenge you to pray about it. Christmas is a time when giving is on our mind, so why not give to the Lord by giving to His mission work around the world? Let us bless you by receiving your gift this Christmas season!

To see how to give through SIM, check out this link.


If you desire to give money to us personally, without a tax deduction, email us and we can give you the address of Denise's parents...they can deposit things in our account.

If you want to mail us something, please see Denise's blog on this:


So, in advance of being blessed by you....GOD BLESS YOU!!!



Stumbler said...

And my Bible reading notes for today are..... 2 Corinthians 8 1-15. (Light for our Path by International Bible Reading Association.)

Tim :-)