Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

This blog is actually stolen from my son, Jacob. He posted it to his facebook, and without permission I am putting it here. Thanks Jake!

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

"Happy Holidays!" said the cashier from behind the counter of the clothing store as I left, merchandise in hand. For some reason I decided to go back and ask why not just say "Merry Christmas".
"Management says not to say 'Merry Christmas' because we might offend someone." he replied, then turned to help the next customer and left it at that. I stood there for a few minutes just thinking about that.

The thought that was going through my head wasn't 'How can we offend someone by saying "Merry Christmas" ', it was "Why is it that only Christmas offends people?".

Why is that you can walk around wishing anyone and everyone a Happy Hanukkah and no one cares, but 'Merry Christmas' gets some people mad? I mean, if you say 'Happy Hanukkah' to someone they CAN'T get upset because then they're offending you and your traditions; but saying 'Merry Christmas' doesn't count? Why?

I believe it's the first part of the word that people are offended at. The part that they've x-ed out. Christ. I think that everyone knows that Christmas is different than other holidays such as Arbor Day, and it makes them second guess themselves and their beliefs.
The world has built so much on what it can see that the thought of someone else 'Out There' who can take it all away scares them; but they see the 'someone else' as someone who He's not.
It's a reverse fear though.

Kids are all afraid of the dark, in every country and continent of the world; so why is it that adults are all afraid of the Light?

The thing that drives most people to run is the same thing that draws us near. Seen in different light, the same thing can look drastically different.

As Christians, we're like lamps for Jesus. The thing is though that if it's dark and the lamp isn't plugged in all you see is a shadow of what it is and the lamp suddenly turns into something obscure, changed, altered into a twisted reality of the same thing. As soon as the lamp is plugged in and turns on though everything is clear, what it is is obvious as well as its purpose and role, and the path of life is easier to walk for everyone within it's glow.

Have we as Christians been turned off or unplugged from God? Does the world see us as that shadow, that twisted reality?

It's our job as lamps not to change what people see, but their perspective of it.
What was once the most terrifying of all creatures in the dark is suddenly simply a sweater on a chair when the light is on. Gods light shows things and people for what they really are, not what is generally seen and that scares people because it shows that they need to be forgiven.
This Christ-x we need to remain plugged in and turned on to the fullest extent of what we can, to shine for God and be a light unto the world.

Merry Christmas everyone!