Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Rest Of The Story---The Burgular

I had several people ask for the rest of the story from my Insights on Mary. Here is the scoop.

I did not have a gun, but I did have hunting arrows. These are razor tips that go on the end of your arrow, like the photo. They are real razors, and bad news. I ran to my bedroom (I don't know why I did not run from the house. Like those idiots in the scary movies...I stayed in the house). I got an arrow and put a hunting tip on it. I then told the bad guy that I was armed and coming for him. I went one room at a time, turning on the lights and opening all the closets until I got to the room that I had seen him run into. I was honestly giving him time to leave...hopefully.

He ran out the back door. I did not chase him. (at least I was that smart).

Now looking back at this event. I was SO STUPID. Mr. Boy Wonder with the arrow. "Hey, I got an idea, lets take on a burgular in a fight to the death in the living room." Duhr.

Praise God that He loves stupid people.


Caris said...

"Praise God that He loves stupid people" HAHA! great quote. And whudda story... wow.