Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sending Us Presents--My Favorite Subject

Did you watch our video from last Christmas?

The two biggest presents were pop tarts and Dr. Pepper. When we first moved here, both of these were non-existent. Now they are here, but you have to take out a second mortgage to buy them (pop tarts are about $8/box).

Many people have asked us about sending Christmas presents to us. Here is the basic rule of thumb. We live in a city, so we can buy all of our necessities and many other luxuries (like pop tarts). Denise has an article on her blog about La Cancha (and I have a video of a part of it--meat), and you can see in that article that pretty much everything is available to us except specialty items from the U.S. It is just a matter of paying for it. So, if you are wanting to give us a Christmas present, and my children are hoping that you do :), the best way to do this is this: If the present(s) can fit in an envelope from the Post Office and is below 4 lbs., then it is okay to send. Denise has written about this a couple of times in her blogs: and

I also wrote something funny about our first time getting packages--a must read if you have not ever read it: (we are much better at this now):

If you are wanting something larger or heavier, it is best to give money to us personally. This money is not tax deductible. Paul and Darlene Watson, Denise's parents, manage our bank account (all $50.02) in the States, and you can send the money to them. They can tell us how much and if you want it to be anonymous they will protect your name, if not they tell us who. Their mailing address is:

Paul Watson
945 Jefferson Avenue
Charles Town WV 25414.

As I said, this money is not tax deductible because it is not to our ministry, it is to us. However this means that we can use it however we desire, like buying Christmas presents. Packages are a lot more fun, especially for the kids, but in most cases it would probably be a little more practical to give us the money to purchase the gifts here in Bolivia.

Money given to our ministry is strickly for ministry uses. Having said that, if you would like to donate to our ministry, here is a link to show you how.

Whichever...THANK YOU in advance!