Friday, February 12, 2010

Hauling Trash

Just got back from taking my trash to the dumpster. I hate doing this, but "whaddya gunna do...faahggett about it". In Bolivia, we have three basic options for our trash. We can put it in the street and burn it, which is what most of my neighbors do (and you can see the mountain burning in one of our videos on youtube). You can just throw it in the street and let the dogs slowly haul it off, or you can go to a public dumpster--which is what some people do.

The closest dumpster to my house is about 2 kilometers away. So, I only go there once a week or so. We put the trash outside, and when there are several bags we put it in our car and go to the dumpster. Putting it in the car doesn't mean in the back..our cars are: a real life SUV meant to go offroad, and a real life offroad. Neither of them are trucks with beds. Therefore, we put the trash INSIDE the car.

This trash always has 2,489,118 flies and fly babies (maggots). It stinks. The bags are torn open by wild cats in the night. It stinks. It is dripping and nasty. Did I say that it stinks?

We take the trash, leaving the doors and windows open as we drive because it stinks. When we unload it, we leave the doors and windows open for the rest of the day inside our wall, well...because it stinks.

'Hey Joe, what is it like living on the mission field?" "Sometimes, it stinks." :)

I went this morning, and actually thought that this is my job. I am a trashman. I haul trash for a living. What do I mean?

First of all, my trash. I have to carry it. But then, it is my job to help other people take their trash as well. My goal is to carry our trash to the cross, and leave it there with Jesus. By trash, I mean the smelly, stinky sins of our lives, and also the pungent self-righteousness and the oidious legalism.

My goal is to get rid of the trash, and to help others get rid of their trash.

Problem is, sometimes it stinks. Spiritual trash is just as maggot ridden and irritating as normal trash, probably more. When I haul the trash, I invariable end up smelling a little. When you help a sinner come to Calvary, especially one with a really trashly sometimes rubs off on you. It stinks. Sometimes you get the bacteria of self-righteousness on you and don't even know you are infected. You have to wash up. Today when I got back, I washed my hands a lot. Could not see anything, but just to be safe, where is the anti-bacterial handwash?

As we go through life, especially as we help others (if you are not helping others, then you are probably the one that needs to be helped, your dumpster if full!), you are going to get dirty. You have to clean up. You have to wash your hands and your heart.

But when you are done...when the trash is gone...when they have a clean life...when you are sparkly...when you know that someone is better off because you were willing to do the dirty work...

What a job! Praise God that I am a trashman!

In Jesus,


Caris said...

Wow. Being the faithful reader (and commenter :) that I am, I'm noticing a trend in your posts... spiritual symbolism in everyday life. It's almost like there's a God or something! :)

Anonymous said...


Our homeschool Christian co-op in VA is about to study South America. Would it be ok for me to direct them to your blog? Would you be willing to click on ours so a red dot appears on our map in South America?

Many blessings,