Friday, February 5, 2010

Idea For Blogs

I got an idea from a friend here.

Send me a post or an email about anything you want to know about life here. Transportation, shopping, food, church, blah blah blah.

I will respond with blogs about stuff you want to know



Caris said...

COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! :)

I'll be thinking 'bout that one and let you know... then you'll get ANOTHER comment!

vandono said...

What have been the biggest pleasant surprises in living there? What things would you miss the most if you moved away? What lessons have you (and Denise and the children) learned there that you may have not learned as quickly or as deeply if you had stayed comfortably at home? How has this life affected your relationship with Denise and with your children? How has it affected your children's relationships with each other? How has it affected who you have become? What things do you think you understand more fully or see more clearly in your walk of faith having had this experience? Does any one event or feeling stand out as being something you wish more people could experience in their journey? Oh, and how's the food?

Hope all is well!

Caris said...


Q&A ideas:

What is the average Bolivian's view of Americans?

Has your view of Americans/non-Americans changed?

What is the biggest lie the Bolivian church believes that obstructs your ministry?

What things are the biggest encouragement from back home? (other than money and British candy... :)

Have you made any funny cultural blunders?

Have you killed any dogs yet? :)

Stumbler said...

Hey! It's British SWEETS Caris!!

How about a timelined "Day in the life of" Joe?

Anyway.... off to the Post Office. (Joe...No. 17... nice with coffee. No.18... you'll need your tazer.)

HEY! a massive concrete pipe just went past my window! (Lots of building going on here + massive crane.)

Tim :-)