Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missionary Or Moochinary?

Missionary Or Moochinary?

I was chatting with a missionary friend two days ago. Our family had gone to their house for a goodbye lunch and we were spending the afternoon with them. After eating, they pulled their chairs together and leaned forward with a slight look of conspiracy. They asked me if the kids could leave the room so we could talk in private.

When the kids left, they asked us for counsel and prayer. The woman begin to cry as the man lovingly patted her knee. She wanted to know what to do, how to handle their lack of finances. She felt like she was becoming materialistic and greedy, because all she could think of was how they needed money. She stopped a few times to catch her breath and wipe her eyes, and then continued to tell us of their financial condition. With shame in her face she said that she wasn’t sleeping at night because when she lay her head on the pillow she would think in the quietness of the bedroom about money. When driving, she thought about money. When alone, she thought about money. When her and her husband talked, they talked about money. Her passion for accomplishing their mission had been replaced with a desire for money. She felt sinful, and they were having conflict in their marriage over, well over money.

They had no phone. Their electricity had been shut off but they were able to reconnect it but as things looked now only for a month. They were concerned about water and they had no money to pay for their children (3) to go to school. Their son had been invited to join one of the sports teams, but they could not afford the extra money for equipment or gas to and from practices so they had to say no—which he did not understand. They painted a pretty bleak picture with a broad black brush. Their lives were drab and gray. Bottom line, they were not trying buy a boat, they were trying to keep their head above water while not permitting their kids to drown. They needed money for electricity, phone, water, gas, gasoline and food.

How can you live on the mission field, without money? Denise and I have been here for three years. In that time span, we know of 21 FAMILIES, not 21 people, but 21 families that have left the mission field. I wonder how many of them left because of money?

We are called to be missionaries…so who wants to be a moochinary? I am not going to do it. I will leave the mission field before entering the mooching field. Or at least most missionaries apparently do.

So…what happened? Read the next article to find out.