Saturday, May 22, 2010

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Over three years ago, we were in limbo. I had resigned as the pastor of the most incredible church in the world (, and we were preparing to go to the mission field. We had moved out of our house and were living in a campground at sandy cove. The entire family was experiencing, in reality, cabin fever.

Denise has never been a computer gamer. The computer was a tool, not a toy. However, in order to just do something, I bought her a game from Walmart called Zuma. She became the queen of Zuma. If Zuma became an Olympic sport, she would gold medal. She is the double black diamond of Zuma.

Fast forward more than three years. We are one week away from going back to the States on home assignment. Our family of 11 is in a 3 br apartment on the fourth floor. We have said our goodbyes, and have stopped our current ministries, putting them on hold till we return.

Thursday, we opened a package sent to us from a friend. Inside of it was a computer game called, Zuma’s Revenge. Yes, it is the new, the updated, the sequel where the marble eating frog continues his feast.

Has anyone seen Denise? I can’t find her or my laptop.