Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best App.

I have to admit something, and I hate doing it. I used to be a techno-savy dude. I knew about the newest, the fastest, and the best. I read PC Digest and stayed up to date on software and hardware. Then I moved to Bolivia, and all of the cutting edge stuff slowly became a dull blade. Now, I am cutting edge 'classic'. I was so pumped to get Windows XP...and my computers in Bolivia use it. How many of you use XP?

So, and here is another confession, I decided to do something not too smart (and it flies in the face of the blog Denise is writing in the other room at this moment). I purchased an iphone. It is my 'I never get any cool toys' toy. I love it. When I go back to Bolivia, it will be a cool ipod and I can use it for wireless internet, but I really don't "need" it there. However, I bought it anyway. I just wanted a toy. I wanted something techy.

Now, it is loaded down with apps. I can keep my financial records and receipts on it with iexpense, track my miles with trip cubby, or read my kinde with the kindle app. I have pandora and food smart. I have three pages of apps and a little over 1,000 songs on it. It rocks.

Now, I find myself looking periodically at the app store. I don't do games, but I look for utility and personal development applications. I will peruse them and ask if I need them. Before writing this blog, and what gave me the idea for it, I looked at the top 10 apps for 2011 on line.

Then it hit me. This is what we should be doing, only with the Scripture. We need to not just have the Bible, but have Bible applications. We should be showing our children, our friends, and ourselves how to APPLY the Bible to every area of our lives. Financial Bible App. Marriage Bible App. Parenting Bible App. Growth Bible App. Purpose Bible App. Church Bible App. Missions Bible App.

Application...the point of the Scripture.

So, let's do something different, and if you are reading this on my Facebook, comment there. Here is what I want to know.

What are three Bible Apps you are going to do this year? Literally, name three applications to your life that you are going to do.

After all, God said to be doers of the Word, and not just hearers only...