Saturday, January 15, 2011

Close Enough To Connect

I wrote my last blog about the energizer bunny, and just had another little reminder of the way that we can empower each other.

My son, Caleb, went outside to go to work and discovered that his car battery was too low to start the car. It had power, just not enough to crank. So, I grabbed some jumper cables and hooked them up. In one second his car was running. All he needed was a little boost from me and he was off and on his way to life.

What did it cost me? My battery is fine, and it is connected to my alternator so in reality I did not even give him any of my power. I just connected him to my overflow. He received power from me, but it did not decrease my supply. Isn't that how it is in the Christian life? We connect to God, and have an infinite supply of love and other fruit. So, we connect our hearts and lives to others and they receive from our overflow.

Are we living in such a manner that our lives are connecting? You see, before I could connect the cables, I had to get CLOSE enough to his car for the cable to reach. Are we close to other Christians? Are we connected to them? Does the power of God flow only TO us, or does it flow THROUGH us to other people?

Just a thought,