Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come--The Summary

I watched little Mercy the other day as she hit the lid to the trash can over and over. It would swing open, then shut and she would laugh out loud, then do it again. The next day, Patience, our six year old, dressed up and ran around the house singing silly songs—just being goofy for fun. David and Joshua spent three hours building a lego world with legos someone gave us. Caleb is working diligently at his first job, and Benjamin went to a Disciple Now weekend. Jacob is saving for college. I look at my kiddos and think about their age and the benefits that it has. I don’t remember when I was two, but I do remember dressing up like a cowboy, being goofy, building things with tinker toys, my first job and working through college.

Good memories, but to be honest I would not want to be two years old, or ten years old, or twenty years old again. Each age had a world of wonderful things, but each age was simply a journey preparing me for different, but more wonderful things. I would have never had the joy of parenthood if I stayed a ten year old, nor know the passion of mission if I were still 16. Every age is a gift, that when opened reveals the next present in God’s hand for us.

I was thinking about this and it hit me. I can see in hindsight that every year behind me was a stepping stone to a new adventure following it. Every year simply led to greater things. So, if that is how it is in the past, then isn’t it the same for the future?

I am 48, and ahead of me is the incredible year of 49! Who knows what God has in store for 50 year olds! Here is the problem. At some point, we stop dreaming and start remembering. We replace our ‘What If’s” with “What Happened’s” and our visions of the future are now reruns of the past.

I have it! The key to overcoming a midlife crisis is to keep looking ahead! Don’t stare in the mirror at what is behind you. Look at what God has in front of you.

I am 48 years old. If Jesus doesn’t come back, I have every reason to believe that I will live another 40 years. That means I have 40 years to change the world. I think that I will start today!