Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Is Your Story?

As he told his story, his eyes filled with tears and he actually stopped talking. It is always uncomfortable to see a grown man get emotional, even when it is over a good thing. I mean, guys are supposed to spit on the sidewalk and laugh in the face of a tear duct. Yet, in that hour long second that it took him to get control so that he could talk, I saw God working.

He was telling me a cool story of how he had been led by God to give to a missionary and the following week God blessed him over and above the sacrificial gift that he had given. He closed by saying, "You just can't outdo God. He always blesses you, maybe not in money, but always blesses you when you give."

After we left his house, Denise and I started wondering...what is your story? Many of you that read this blog have donated to our ministry. So, how about doing us a favor and letting us know how God has blessed you for doing it. You can send us a private email ( or just comment.

We really would like to hear from you. How has God blessed you for your generosity?