Monday, April 18, 2011

Time Is Money

The other day, Denise and I went to Five Guys and Fries to eat lunch. As we were sitting in the blue collar town that we happened to be in and chowing down on a bacon cheeseburger all the way plus fries, I looked around the room. It was full of hardworking tradesmen. The people obviously did not work in an office environment. Yet, I told Denise this…”There are two things that everyone in this room has in common. The first is that every single one of us is rich, and the second is that none of us think so.”

Let me show you what I mean. I recently came across a great little website, just a thing to think about. I recommend that you stop right now and do this, cuz it gives us some pretty cool insight.

Go to and enter your annual household salary. For the purpose of this exercise, input the salary of everyone that lives in your home, which you claim as a dependent, in the form. For example, Caleb is making $200/week right now, so I added his annual salary of $10,000 to mine. I also added Jacob’s salary. Punch in the number and see where you rate.

Surprising isn’t it? The fact is, we are affluent CHRISTIANS in a poor world. We are just blind to it. We compare our wealth with the wealthier instead of seeing ourselves as a means of helping the poorer.

There is something else on that website that grabbed me, and I want to ask you to do it, only with our ministry. If you look back, it takes your household salary and gives you an hourly estimate of it, then challenges you to donate an hour to help others. I did this when I worked at General Motors for the United Way. Every month, two hours of my pay was automatically deducted from my check and donated. When I saw this website, I thought, “What a great idea!”

If you are reading this, then you are a facebook friend, a ministry partner, or follow my blog. So, it is to you. If you are not currently one of our regular investors, then why not invest one hour a month to help us reach the nation of Bolivia (the poorest nation in North, Central and South America—second in poverty only to Haiti in the Western Hemisphere)?

Sure, you could do something else with the money. You could grab a latte, rent a couple of movies, eat a burger, purchase a new toy, or get that cute item at Walmart. You could buy a change of season blouse or download a new album. This is what consumerism is all about, bigger, better, faster and more. Madison Avenue spends billions of dollars in marketing to get you to buy their products. So you could spend that money on a gazillion things…or you could invest it in the Kingdom of God and help CHANGE A LIFE.

Time is money. Will you give one hour a month to help someone who needs it?

Go to and follow the “How To Give” button. Start your investment in eternity today.


@ngie said...

Very cool, Joe. Might have to pass this link along. I punched in the stat I found online that says an average income for a Bolivian household is $911. It charts at right about the middle. Interesting. One hour's salary is 48 cents. No wonder the protest flavor of the month is a fight for an 11% increase of the min. wage rather than just the 10% mandated increase. Thanks for the thoughtful post.