Saturday, April 9, 2011

World Coffee--I Mean Missions

This is just cool. It is a great idea, and easily reproducible for anyone, and it honors God!

Here is what happened. I was sipping a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and writing when a young college aged man stopped by to say hello. He and I chatted and he told me that he had decided to support world missions (he has become one of our donors, yeah!!!). But his method of supporting it rocks.

He got to thinking about how much he loved coffee and how he drank so much of it. So, he is sharing. Every time he buys a cup of coffee, he keeps his receipt so he won’t forget and then at the end of the month donates that to the mission of God. He said that he anticipates giving $1000 to missions ‘one cup of coffee at a time’. He figures if he can enjoy a cup of java, why not at the same time let someone else enjoy hearing about Christ.

What a cool idea! How about you? Can you buy a cup of coffee for world missions?


@ngie said...

That is very cool!