Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Topics Wanted--Please Help Me

When we return to Bolivia in August, I will begin a new facet of ministry that the Lord brought to me. It is pretty cool.

The largest newspaper in Bolivia, the Los Tiempos has a magazine insert every Sunday. It is much like the Parade Magazine that many papers here in the States has. This is not a Christian paper or a Christian magazine.

I have been asked to write a short article each week on marriage and family to be published in this magazine. It is called "Happy Families". It is published on three continents (Europe, North and South America). What a cool chance to meet the needs of people, and then perhaps initiate an email and the ability to respond to the lost with the lifesaving and changing message of grace!

Here is what I need from you. Please brainstorm and send me as many specific topics as you can think of for me to write on. I want to know your needs, your interests, your problems, your opportunities, your desires, etc., on the topic of marriage and parenting.

email me: Bolivianjoe@gmail.com with your suggestions, as well as comment here and on FB when this gets posted as a note there.



Anonymous said...

Joe, this is SO cool! I will definitely be sending some topics your way! Glenda