Monday, September 12, 2011

You've Got Mail---Not Yet But Here Is Hoping!

It took us four weeks, five trips to the post office and two photo copies of my id.  But it was worth it, I hope. 

We have a mailbox!  Yessirree.  We have our very own mailbox.  Now you can send us cards and letters to your heart’s desire.  Not only do we have a mailbox, but brace yourself, you may want to sit down.

We have a phone!  Can we be more official?  A mailbox so you can send us stuff, and a phone so that you can call us.  Our phone is an internet phone registered in Virginia.  This means that if you are in the States you can call us just like any other number in the States.  It is NOT and international call. 

We have a mailbox, email, a phone, facebook, a website and a blog.  We must exist! 

Here is our phone number: 571-293-2499

Here is our address:   
Joe Holman
Cajón 6762
Cochabamba Bolivia
South America.

A word to the wise.  Sending us cards and letters is a breeze, and it isn’t that expensive.  Sending us items in envelopes up to 2 kilos (4.4lbs) will go to our mailbox for an easy pickup, but it gets pricey pretty quick.  Go to your post office and find out how much it is before you decide to send us something.  However, remember that you are not just sending the ‘value’ of the item in the envelope, you are sending us attention and joy.  Think of the mastercard commercial:  Small goods $12, Reeses $5, Joy upon receiving a package priceless.

If you try to send us something that will not fit into an envelope and weigh less than 2 kilos, the item goes to the downtown post office and then we have to go there, get a tax declaration of its value, go pay the taxes and then get the box.  It is a little hassle, but still a nice thing to do because of whats in the box!

So, stay in touch!  Don’t care how, email—mail—phone—facebook….just stay in touch!



Stumbler said...

On the way Joe.... on the way.