Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Is Not On Demand

This is one of the most important items that we own, and one of the most important places in our apartment.  It is our Big Berkley water filter, and the three pitchers beside it are clean water.  We take the water from the faucet and put it in the top of the filter.  It takes about an hour before we have filtered water in the bottom.  That is our drinking water.  Because it takes an hour to get a gallon, and thhere are 11 of us, we have developed a habit that allows us to always have clean water to drink, brush our teeth with, and/or cook.  It is pretty simple.  Every time we go into the kitchen, we put water in the filter if it needs it.  We lift off the lid, look at the water level, and refill it if there is room.  This keeps the filter working, our clean water in good supply, and mommy happy.

This is also a great analogy to the Holy Spirit.  The Bible tells us to "Be filled with the Spirit".  Literally this means "Keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit".  I am to constantly look at my life.  I should listen to my words.  I should examine my thoughts.  I can see how I treat my kids.  I can check out my emotions.  I can continually see in my life that Jesus died for me, and that I NEED to surrender myself to the love and power of the Holy Spirit.  It is a constant process, because as I walk through this fallen world in my sinful flesh, I have to run to calvary often to be purified.  The Holy Spirit leads me there.

How are you in the purified heart and cleansed thoughts today?  In our house, if we don't filter our water constantly, then we discover that when we need it the most, we are out of it...and it isn't INSTANT.  If we don't do this all the time, we have a problem.  We cannot wait until there is a crisis in our lives, and then say, "right now I will start living this way or that way" because the consequences of the crisis are still there.  We need to PREVENT the crisis by living under the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit now...when I don't FEEL like I need Him.  Keep on being filled.  Purify your hearts.  Cleanse your minds.

Now.  And Now.  And Now.  And Now.........


Christy said...

Appreciate this object lesson, Joe!

Susan Critelli said...

Nice filter. :-)