Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Like My Dad

We are rearranging our furniture and downsizing in the apartment.  As a result of this, stuff isn't where it always goes, nor is it where it is going to be.  This event led to something strange happening this morning.

I woke up and started getting on with the chores of the day.  As I walked down the hall, I saw something.


My father passed away over two years ago, but right in the corner of my eye, I had seen him.  I backed up and looked again.  It was a full size mirror.  I stopped and stared.  I look like my father.  I always envisioned my dad as, well, as dad.  He looked like him, and I looked like me.  However, here in front of me was a man that looked a lot like my dad.  I never realized it.  Somehow, over the years I had grown into the man that my father was.  

This got me to thinking.  Do I look like my heavenly Father?  When people look at me, do they see Him?  Do they see His love? His compassion? His mercy? His faithfulness? His patience?  Do they see me, or do they see Jesus?

I hope and pray that as the years go by, more and more my image will look like Him.  I pray that I reflect His Image and His glory.  

Who do you look like?


newlifeinchrist said...

Great analogies on your posts.