Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas--Big Deal Or Not?

I was in an end-of-the-year board meeting a couple of days ago. As an icebreaker, our director asked us to share our first Christmas memory and why we remembered it…what was significant enough to have it stick around in our memories. As people told stories, and it was getting closer and closer to my turn, I was racking my brain. I finally admitted it using humor as my defense weapon. I could not remember a good or bad Christmas. I can remember Christmas. We were poor and did not ever make a big deal out of it, however I do remember for a stocking I would get one of my dad’s size 13 tube socks. In the morning it would have an orange and some pecans in it. That was pretty much it as far as bedazzled memories go. As an adult, I find myself hoping that the sock was washed and bleached but those ideas never entered my mind back then. Anyway, my point was that I could not remember anything significant about Christmas. There was nothing to make it stand out. I know that we celebrated it. We had a tree and Santa Claus would come in the night and leave us a couple of presents. But that was it. I had no memories of Christmas day or season. This brings me to my point. Some of my readers have young children, others of you have grandchildren. What are we doing to establish traditions and/or memories of Christmas into them? What makes Christmas special or even different from other days or holidays. As Christians, we believe that Christmas and Easter mark the two most significant events in the history of the universe. The day that God became man, and the day that He rose from the dead sealing our salvation forever. If these days are significant, then shouldn’t we be doing something to make them that way? Denise and I have things that we do, traditions that we have established as a family with just this purpose in mind. What do you do? We have traditions that I will share after hearing from you.


Stumbler said...

One of our Boarders (I'm a Boarding school teacher) from Germany has a huge great home made flat cloth Christmas elf (I think). The point of it is that its apron has little pockets like an advent calendar. Each of these has a small gift in it and the top of the pocket has been sewn shut by his mother. Each day as the month progresses he breaks the threads and opens another small gift.

How cool is that! And what a great mother.


Emilio Fernandez said...

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Becky said...

Every year we go out to find our Christmas tree. We decorate the tree and share memories attached to the ornaments we put on the tree. Our children make new ornaments and create new memories. We put up the nativity scene and tell the story of each person as they are added.

Some years we travel up to Pennsylvania to share the time with family and feast.

As a child,I remember getting a stocking full of fruit and a few pieces of candy. We are too blessed today. I mentioned oranges as stocking stuffers and my family could not understand why we would put oranges in the stockings. They could just go to the kitchen and eat them out of the bowl.

These memories make me thankful for my family when I was a child. And they remind me of my blessings today.